Cat’s Cradle Themes

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Salvation in Lies

          Yes I believe that the theme of the salvation lies is an important them to this book Cat’s Cradle. Vonnegut said that in the novel, religion is beneficial not because it conveys some truth about the world, but rather because it gives people elaborate lies in which to believe. I would have to agree with Vonnegut for the fact that Bokonon’s lies to make you feel better about your problems that you may be facing. Evidence from the book to support this is when is Bokonon says that its okay to love one another is like a way to let people feel okay with being flirting with everyone because its nothing wrong with wanted all your wife’s love. This becomes a problem when john is gets engaged with Mono

Religion and Science as Panaceas

            I really think that religion and science is the most important thing of this whole book its what everything revolve around. Vonnegut makes a good point about how after all there events that religion and science gets them into neither religion nor science could get them out of this. I agree with this because in the book the ice-nine was suppose to help them but toward the end it became an panaceas to them at the end.

Individual Destiny and Control

In some ways I think this was important but not the most important. Vonnegut says that Being reasonably able to determine one’s destiny relies on the assumption that one lives in a fairly predictable, meaningful universe the characters really were not predictable which I agree that we could not determine there destiny would could never tell that it would be papa that ends the world and the invention of the ice-nine.



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In Cats Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut there was the invention of ice-nine that Papa Monzano decides to use to commit suicide. Ice-nine is a very powerful substance that only takes one drop to freeze all the water on earth. Papa Monzano was not aware that ice-nine was that powerful and could lead to the world freezing completely. Using ice-nine wasn’t a good idea by Papa Monzano, and he unknowingly endangered the entire planet.

First of all, ice-nine was invited by Flex Hoenikker. Flex was asked to create it by a military general in order to prevent marines from having to walk in mud. It was thought that it would be impossible because it takes awhile for mud to solidify. Also the general wanted it to be small, so it wouldn’t add to the heavy load that marines already have to carry. Initially Mr. Breed thought that request was outrageous but Felix agreed that it could be done and said that it would be small enough to fit under a finfer nail. However, after Felix Hoenikker created ice-nine, he decided not to give it to the general, or tell anyone else that it exists. A piece of the ice-nine that Felix produced now lies with each of three kids. Papa Monzano would later get the piece of ice-nine he used to commit suicide from Frank Hoenikker.

Secondly, Papa Monzano was suffering from a lot of pain and wanted to get rid of the pain as soon as possible. When Papa Monzano was given the cylinder containing ice-nine, he was provided with something that could take him out of his misery and he swallowed it. “One hand held the cylinder and the cylinder was uncapped. And the thumb and index finger of the other hands, though having just released a little pinch of something, were stuck between his teeth” (236).  Although Papa used it to die so that the pain he felt would stop, the appearance of his body in the book shows that using the ice-nine may have been actually been painful death. “Papa’s lips and nostrils and eyeballs were glazed with blue-white frost” (237). Papa Monzona decided to use ice-nine without knowing exactly what it was, because he was in too much pain and decided it was worth it.

Finally, Papa Monzano taking the ice-nine to commit suicide has lead to the destruction of the world. One little drop of ice-nine well freeze every drop of water on the planet. Papa Monzano was in so much pain he didn’t realize that when he used it that it would lead to the destruction of the world and putting everyone in danger. Papa Monzano was not informed of how powerful ice-nine was, so him using it to committee suicide was not smart, because he had no idea what the out come would be

In conclusion Papa Monzano the first man to ever die from ice-nine. It took him out of his misery and pain which was not a good idea. Thanks to him the world will be destroyed because how powerful ice-nine is.

Monday 7-26 Extra

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The elevator operator, Lyman Knowles, is described as being clearly crazy. What is the difference between being mentally ill and being mentally challenged or having a learning disability?

          There is a difference with being mentally ill and being mentally challenged the difference. Being mentally ill is being crazy doing crazy things like killing some one or just being crazy. Someone having being mentally challenge can’t help it there born with a disability that others have like learning is harder for them then a normal person.

Monday 7-26 Question 4

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Bokonon built his religion on lies. Is there ever a right time to lie? Is there ever a wrong time to tell the truth?

     At certain times it is a good time to lie. When its okay to lie is on little thing to stop you from hurting someone’s feelings like not telling them they look fat when they do. For the most part tell the truth is the right thing to do. Technically there is always a right time to tell the truth even though it may hurt at times the truth is always something good to tell.

Monday 7-26 Question 3

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Lionel Boyd Johnson starts his own religion. If you were to start your own religion with yourself as a god, what would your religion be like?

     If I was to have my own religion there would be many rules. You have to workout out for 1 hour each day to keep a godly body. Children most know how to read and write by the age of 3. Every year on December 11th they have to a holiday that’s like Christmas. Most treat other like family.

Monday 7-26 Question 2

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John returns to find his apartment trashed by Sherman Krebbs. Krebbs is an acquaintance John allowed to use the apartment in his absence. How would you feel if you came home and found your home trashed by someone you knew and trusted? What would you do?

     If some one did this to me I would be really super upset. That someone that I trusted to live in my apartment would destroy my stuff this would cause me to lose trust for that person. The way I would react is that I would make the person clean up the mess and have to replace everything that he or she destroyed. If it was a guy I would try really hard not to physically harm them but my anger will probably get to the best of me and I would injure that person. This is how I would respond if I was John to Sherman Krebbs

Monday 7-26 Question 1

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You are one of the Hoenikker children. Your father’s invention has been used in war. Millions have died. How do you feel?

`If I was one of Hoenikker children I would be happy and said that my dad invention was used. I would be happy because it’s an honor that my dad invention was used to help are country in a war. I also would be sad because it would be the fault of my father for killing Millions of people. Having other people suffer because of his invention families being broken up kids losing there father. I would be more so sad then happy because it’s a bigger effect on others.